ASU Student, Kyle Underseth, Discusses Impact of Fast Pitch

Feb 13, 2014


click photo to view Kyle’s pitch

When starting a new organization or even after you’ve been working on something for a number of years, many of the challenges are the same – getting new customers, continuing validating your organization’s mission, finding the perfect market fit, and most importantly, having people believe in you and your idea.

That’s what Social Venture Partners Arizona does particularly well with their Fast Pitch program.

As a college student, all my team had to our name was an idea we were passionate about called Pull Up a Chair (now TableTop). We didn’t understand the market, how we were going to execute, or what our go-to-market strategy was. We just wanted to raise money for non-profits by creating a robust dining network.

Social Venture Partners Arizona saw that in us.

Through mentoring and best-practices on storytelling, Fast Pitch allowed us to hone our pitch and really begin to shape and create a foundation to build upon over the next year. Really, the biggest motivator was knowing that there were smart, successful, and passionate people who not only wanted us to success but truly believed in what we were trying to achieve.

We’ve accomplished a lot over the past year – we won additional awards through ASU, secured some great partnerships with local restaurants and charities, and took our organization to the next level and we know that SVP’s Fast Pitch sparked it all.