Bob’s Philanthropic Journey

Oct 1, 2013

By: Bob Withers

Ever since I was a child, my parents taught me to give back and make a difference in my community. In my banking career I was required to be involved in my community. Thus, I have been involved in numerous charities and community activities, both as a board member and donor. I believe joy and happiness comes from helping others especially those in need.

In retirement I have continued to be active in several charities and community activities mainly through my church and Rotary100. My donations have recently increased through donor advised funds at the East Tennessee Foundation and the Arizona Community Foundation. Two years ago, I joined SVP in order to enhance my charity and community work. SVP provides me the education and resources to make my donations and charity time commitments more effective. Currently I attend the Education Affinity Group meetings and am a donor for the “Gap Scholarship Program” at Camelback High School. I am also on the Reivestment Committee and am co-lead partner on the Tiger Mountain Foundation. Tiger Mountain Foundation won the 2013 “Fast Pitch” competition. Moreover, I enjoy attending the social events of SVP.

SVP has met my goals for joining and allows me to meet and work with others in the community who have the same giving back philosophy that I have.