Catching Up with Leslie and Scott Turner

Jul 30, 2017

Scott & Leslie Turner

Native Phoenicians Leslie and Scott Turner have been Partners with SVPAZ for seven years. Scott spent most of his professional career in start-ups and Leslie has a career in teaching children violin.

The Turners learned of SVPAZ in 1997, during its inception, but Scott was absorbed with start-ups, and their family. They joined in 2010 when they finally had the time to devote to our Investees. In addition to serving on our Board (Scott) and Communications Committee (Leslie), they are some of our best recruiters of new Partners.

The Turners recruited Richard Skwarek and Laureen Ong, among several others!

When they aren’t helping others succeed or join SVPAZ, they are spending time with their three adult sons and traveling.


Scott and Leslie with their sons

Here’s more from the Turners:

What do you most look forward to / hope to accomplish as a Partner?  Scott: I like helping high potential nonprofits to achieve their full impact on the community.  After seven years with SVPAZ, I am trying to apply what I have learned through SVPAZ to starting a new nonprofit. I co-founded what is now Health Future U.S. Our vision is for Arizona to become the healthiest state, and for the USA to become the healthiest country, in the broadest sense of the word health. Our mission is to empower individuals to dramatically improve their health, beginning with school-based approaches such as much more effective & expanded physical & health education.

Leslie: I love to connect people and brainstorm new ideas.

What’s your motto? Scott:  Work on what you are meant to work on, persist, and have faith.  Leslie: Communicate, motivate and be flexible.

What’s your most marked characteristic? Scott:  very curious about lots of things, and has a hard time giving up.  Leslie: fun-loving, creative, enthusiastic, and intense.

When and where are you happiest? Scott:  I am happiest when we achieve a breakthrough with our start-up initiatives.  Leslie: I am happiest in an art museum, playing chamber music and meeting new people.  And Leslie and I really enjoy having new adventures together.

What’s on your bucket list? Trips to Madagascar and the Turrell museum in Argentina, rafting the Grand Canyon, and family reunions (hopefully with lots of future grandchildren). Leslie looks forward to making memories with family and exposing next-gen’ers to art and culture!

What four words would other people use to describe you? Scott:  Dad, Safety Scott, persistent, strategic;  Leslie: thoughtful, intense, enthusiastic, aesthetic

Be sure to join the Turners at our “Bring a Friend Breakfast” on Wednesday, August 16. R.S.V.P. for you a friend and join us at 8 a.m. in the SVPAZ office.