Dan Rigby’s 15 Year Journey as a Parnter with SVP

Mar 10, 2014

Dan Rigby has been a partner with SVP since the Arizona network office was established in 1999. To commemorate SVPAZ’s upcoming 15 year anniversary, Dan describes what his 15 year partnership means to him.


Fifteen years–how can that be possible!  Congratulations to the entire SVPAZ family for the tremendous work that has been done over this period.  One of the amazing things about my SVP experience is that I joined in order to give back to others, but I ended up the recipient.  I know that every SVP partner feels this way.

Over this period I have worked with investees as lead partner, mentor and board member.  I have also worked extensively on the SVP model in leadership positions both in Arizona and on the International Board.  So what have I gotten out of this investment of time and money?  Well, three things for certain: a platform from which to be of service to others, a first hand education about how problems get solved, and a family of like-minded individuals with whom I enjoy spending time.

The SVP model allows me to dig into an organization to better understand its mission and discover ways to leverage its resources so the organization can do more of what it does best.

The educational aspects of SVP has given me far deeper insight into community problems and the various players who are trying to make a difference.  And, through our Fast Pitch initiative we have been able to bring these players together to highlight exciting organizations doing amazing things.  Mentoring Fast Pitch participants has also been great fun for me.

Finally, the social aspects of SVP continues to be the wonderful surprise benefit of the partnership.  Working side-by-side in service to others with like minded individuals creates strong ties of friendship.  I count my SVP friends among those I most admire and care for.

I joined to fill a hole in my life.  SVP not only filled that hole, I feel that it helped me move from success toward significance.