Dinosaurs, pieces of Mars, stones and bones … oh my!

Feb 14, 2017

“How can we head into the future without an understanding of the past.”– LGFFoundation


Partner and Board Member Andrea Aker

SVPAZ Partners and friends received a behind-the-scenes look at the LGF Foundation’s natural history museum that’s under development in Scottsdale thanks to longtime SVPAZ Partner and collaborator with the museum, Paul Couture.

From dinosaur bones, to crystals, to moon rocks, to an actual piece of Mars – attendees were treated to an evening like no other. With a tour guide and curator who was as knowledgeable as he was gregarious, guests were able to have a wonderfully hands-on experience that invited inquiry and curiosity. Highlights from the evening included holding pieces of Mars, learning that velociraptors are the size of small dogs (and not what’s portrayed in Jurassic Park), and hearing development plans from the curator on what it will take to bring the museum to the Valley.



In an effort to bring a true natural history museum to Arizona, the LGF Foundation is reaching out to key organizations to raise awareness on how this cultural institutional can be uniquely educational while providing a true economic benefit to the city. Inspired by the passion of longtime Partners Paul and Robin Couture, SVPAZ was honored to connect our cadre of engaged philanthropists with this amazing project.


Partner & Board Member Scott Turner


Terri Wogan-Calderon holding a piece of Mars

These experience events are what we like to call #beyondphilanthropy. SVPAZ is about community development, lifelong learning and educating our Partners. If you know of other events or activities that would be of interest to the Partnership, please contact Sentari Minor.