Heartwarming News From Camelback High School

Feb 19, 2014

From Dr. Chad Geston, Principal of Camelback High School an SVP Arizona Investee:

As you can imagine, Valentine’s Day is a very difficult day for many high school girls.  Though to the public this is a day of love and romance, this really is a day of heartache, heartbreak, and loneliness.

A group of Camelback girls, in anticipation of this being such a terrible day for their peers, collected hundreds of blank Post-It notes and rolls of tape last week from as many adults on campus as possible.  They then went around campus handing out the blank Post-It notes and asked their fellow Spartans to write notes of love and inspiration.  

Then, after school last Thursday, when everyone was gone, they snuck into the main girls bathroom and created this “U R Beautiful” wall so that every sad and lonely girl who escaped to the bathroom on Friday, and even those with smiles and Valentine’s teddy bears who just wanted to check their makeup, were met with messages of love and hope.