Interview with Darren Chapmen, Winner of 2013 Fast Pitch

Mar 5, 2014

Sentari Minor of SVP Arizona sits down with Darren Chapman to discuss his Fast Pitch experience

Sentari: What all did your fast pitch journey encompass?

Darren: My Fast Pitch journey was very interesting because my community work and life is all encompassing. Every turn in the path of the Fast Pitch journey I had hoped would add a rich, if not educational opportunity towards my personal growth in the non profit world.

Sentari: What was the most challenging part of it?

Darren: The most challenging part was trying to infuse the Fast Pitch contest into an already very busy schedule. There was also the added piece of whether I could make the experience beneficial. I always try to finish what I start so it was vitally important to make this experience something other than time consuming. In these very trying financial times it was also important to give my very best effort to stimulate the growth of the Tigermountain Foundation non profit.

Sentari: How did it feel being on stage in front of 600 people?

Darren: It was a great feeling to be on stage in front of 600 of my peers and potential people who could assist TMF in the upcoming years. I wanted to be myself and give my very best effort to culminate the Fast Pitch experience with a steady competitive performance. The competition was stiff and understood that it would not be easy to get a competitive edge based on style and content. It was super important to be myself and let the Gods of Perception be as they may. To my pleasure, it worked out great for many reasons.

Sentari: How did it feel to win?

Darren: It felt great to win because it could mean that the nonprofit would experience another open door of opportunity in its growth. On a personal level, I am humbled and honored to represent such a outstanding field of individuals and non profit organizations. I have always been a fairly confident person but winning Fast Pitch was a gratifying feeling of accomplishment, growth and self awareness.

Sentari: How has wining fast pitch, and subsequently, how has SVP impacted your organization?

Darren: Winning Fast Pitch and the assessment tool that followed exposed some very important pieces that needed to be honed within the infrastructure of the TMF non profit. I am very pleased that with the help of the professionals at SVP we have begun to address and identify strengths and deficits that will make this nonprofit a very strong community builder for many years to come. I am excited for our nonprofit future and the potential that this organization has to impact lives.