Meet the Partners: Andrea Aker

Aug 12, 2015

Meet the Partners: Andrea Aker

Andrea Aker 1

SVP Arizona is filled with talented, charitable partners who are community champions and business leaders, each using their time and talent to create a unique stamp in our network. Here, Andrea Aker, a partner of two years, answers our questions…

What four words would other people use to describe you?

Intelligent, witty, driven, big-picture thinker

What are your hobbies?

Triathlons, running and endurance sports. Traveling, eating new foods, and wine and tea tasting.

If you had only $1 to spend on a cause, where would you spend it and why?

I tend to favor causes supporting women and girls, and financial literacy is a relatively new passion. Perhaps I would give the dollar to a young girl and take her through a budgeting exercise. Imagine the problems that could be solved and charities that could be supported if young people learned how to manage their money better?

Why did you join SVP?

I thought it would be a great opportunity to connect with other community-minded and like-minded individuals while having a real and lasting impact on local charities. So many efforts to support the community are well intentioned but have little impact on a grand scale. SVP has a far-reaching impact, and I believe my money and actions are truly helping Valley residents.

When did you come to the Valley?

I came to the Valley in 2004 to work as a morning news producer. I was raised in Prescott, and also lived in Tucson during college (go Wildcats).

What is your most gratifying moment with SVP? How did it make you feel?

I found it gratifying to view the Fast Pitch experience through the eyes of first timers. I invited numerous people to Fast Pitch 2015 and watched them light up as nonprofit leaders took the stage. They were highly impressed with the caliber of speakers, causes supported and money donated.