Partner Profile | Chris Cardinal

Mar 17, 2017

Chris CardinalTalkative. Social. Engaging. Occasionally funny. That describes Partner Chris Cardinal in a nutshell. Chris joined the Partnership in 2016 and got involved in the Fast Pitch Selection Committee. That experience lite a fire to mentor a future Investee.

Chris hails from Clifton, New Jersey, and prior to SVPAZ, spent time and money supporting KJZZ and ASPCA. “As my interests have turned toward more substantial philanthropy, SVP seemed like a great fit with an engaging premise.”



More from Chris:

  • What led you to SVP? I met Sentari at an event called House of Genius, and he did what he does best: recruit.
  • What’s your motto? “My plan is to crowdsource a plan.”
  • What’s your most marked characteristic? My beard?
  • When and where are you happiest? I enjoy traveling with my wife; so I’m happiest whenever we’re somewhere fun.
  • What’s on your bucket list? Appearing on Jeopardy. (Had an in-person audition last month, so there’s a chance!).

Thanks Chris! We’re glad you’re on board.

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