Partner Profile | Laryn Callaway

Mar 3, 2017

LC1Meet Laryn Callaway. Native Phoenician, Smith College alumnae, Realtor with Launch Real Estate, Mother, Wife, Friend, Volunteer. A woman of many titles, like most of our Partners; so adding SVPAZ Partner to the list in 2016 was natural. Previously, she was active with the Junior League in Phoenix. Laryn has served on several nonprofit boards and directly volunteered with many organizations (St. Vincent De Paul, Feed My Starving Children, UMOM).

More from Laryn:

  • What led you to SVP? I have been  out of the nonprofit loop for a while since the birth of our daughter and was ready for something to bring me into nonprofit work again. My friend Tracy Powers suggested we join together.
  • What do you most look forward to / hope to accomplish as a Partner? Right now I’m simply trying to listen, learn and show up. I am on the Fast Pitch selection committee and it is giving me a great overview of SVP.
  • What’s your motto? “Don’t always believe what you think.”
  • What’s your most marked characteristic? Perseverance
  • When and where are you happiest? My favorite is the dinner table on a weeknight with my family. We are together 5-6 nights each week and it’s “happy glue.”
  • What’s on your bucket list? Fluency in French; hiking the “hut system” in Colorado’s back country; becoming a very good skier; so many fun things in the future with my daughter as she grows.LC
  • What four words would other people use to describe you?   Candid. Tenacious.  Different. Ambitious.

Laryn also has a great business page, providing additional fun facts on Laryn and her life. Be sure to check it out: