Peer Advisory and Executive Coaching

Sep 12, 2017

During our deep-dives with nonprofits over the years, we’ve learned many leaders find themselves isolated. While common for many leaders in all industries, nonprofit leaders are also overworked and under staffed. As we previously announced, Partner Jill Goldsmith is providing in-depth executive coaching in a peer advisory cohort that launched this month.

Participating nonprofits and leaders are:

Deborah Arteaga     Tempe Community Action Agency

Barbara Blalock       Treasures4Teachers

Collin Cunningham  Welcome to America Project

Debi DiCarlo            Cancer Support Community

Sherri Friend            Oakwood Creative Care

Kristen Merrifield      Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Jason Moore             NorthBridge College Success Program  

Michelle Moorehead Teen Lifeline, Inc.

Guille Sastra             Crecienda Unidos/Growing Together

Organizations selected are at least three-years-old and have revenues of at least $350K. For more information, contact Jill or anyone on the SVPAZ staff.