SVPAZ | A True Partnership

Nov 22, 2016

recruitmentPeople are paramount to the success of Social Venture Partners. Our international network is built upon good people doing good things to ultimately make a huge impact in their communities. In Arizona (SVPAZ), we have engaged more than 300 individuals in our 16 years who have, through their time, talent, and treasure, created true social change in the Valley.

Since 1999, SVPAZ has deployed more than $4.3M into our desert community to tackle some of the most pressing issues in Phoenix including homelessness, hunger, domestic violence, and education. Last year saw us give hundreds of thousands of dollars to dozens of Valley organizations who are doing phenomenal work to make our city a better place to live, work, and play. In the grand scheme of our landscape, SVPAZ is a small foundation (funder), but what is remarkable is how our impact is seen and shared throughout Phoenix. Time and again, SVPAZ has risen as the exemplar in capacity building and engaged philanthropy.

So how do we do it? The answer is simple: our Partners.

Because I’m so passionate about this true partnership, I’m leading a fall recruitment campaign to onboard 20 new SVPAZ Partners. A few years ago, we successfully launched a similar campaign that resulted in our biggest single-year of growth in SVPAZ history.

We are excited to bring on new Partners to have the dollars to expand our strategic grantmaking, the talent to grow our capacity building initiatives, and the philanthropists who can strengthen through our renowned philanthropic education and programming.

While our goal is audacious, we believe that with your help, we can easily bring on 20 new Partners to contribute to and enjoy our continued success. If you are interested in sharing your passion with a friend, family, or colleague by way of introducing them to SVPAZ, please connect them with Sentari Minor who would love to talk with them about our unique and impactful model of engaged philanthropy.

We look forward to a fun and fruitful end to 2016 with your help.

JJJulie Johnson, Principal, Avison Young, and SVPAZ Partner. Julie has been a leader in healthcare real estate for more than 25 years in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and serves on several boards, including one of our Investees, Spot 127.