SVPAZ Newbie | Shannon Gaines

Dec 20, 2016

Hi SVP Partners!

SGMy Name is Shannon Gaines and I joined SVPAZ about a couple months ago because I wanted to get more involved in the community and meet new people. I also strongly believe that giving back makes such a meaningful and important impact in the lives of others.  As a Partner, I truly want to help make a difference in our community by helping nonprofits be successful and achieve their mission. I am lucky that I have achieved so much in my life and I want to help others find the same success.

I am a marketing and public relations professional and started a consulting firm called Capital Gaines PR in 2008, but I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I just joined one of SVP’s incredible Investees, BLOOM365, as their volunteer development and marketing director. I’m also serving on the Communications Committee for SVPAZ.

If I only had a $1 to spend, I would give it to Bloom365! Day six of their seven doses of the “Bloom It Up” prevention curriculum, I heard and saw some extremely heartbreaking things, including encountering a student who wanted to take their own life and the person who abused them. It’s causes like BLOOM365 that can help save a life. I was there and I witnessed it! I want to help put an end to this horrible epidemic of abuse!

I am very passionate about many causes and consider myself a caring person. I don’t like seeing people or animals hurt, so any types of abuse prevention, shelters, organizations, and educator programs are all things I care about.

SG2I married my soulmate Graham Gaines in 2005, who has two older kids Tweedie and Ebersole that I absolutely love to pieces! My obsession, however, is with my two miniature dachshunds, Barney and Thelma Lou named after the Andy Griffith show. Something I think is so cool and intriguing – I am sixth generation Arizonan. Yes, cowboys and Indians!

Besides my obsession with my wiener dogs, I absolutely love running and coffee. I’m  training for my 15th half marathon  in January.

As a keen running enthusiast my motto is,  “keep moving forward – not just running, but life in general!”

Welcome, Shannon! Thanks for diving in and contributing.

If you’re an SVPAZ Partner and interested in being featured on our blog, please reach to Meghan Leatherman.