SVPAZ | Part of the Pokémon Go Hype

Jul 31, 2016


Thanks to our friends at Local First Arizona, Social Venture Partners Arizona has been notified that we are near a Pokémon Go – PokéStop.

As we’re sure you’re aware, Pokémon Go is the mobile phone game that encourages users to travel in the real world. The game has exploded in popularity. So, what exactly is a PokéStop and what does this all mean? There are tons of people out in the community playing this new game and there are PokéStop’s only at select locations – and Social Venture Partners Arizona is near one.

Social Venture Partners Arizona can be found on Local First Arizona’s map by searching here. If you’re out and about on Pokémon Go, be sure to swing by and say “hi” as you reach your PokéStop. And play safely!