SVPI Conference Experiences from SVPAZ Partners

Jul 28, 2014

The Annual SVPI Conference is a wonderful opportunity for Partners from across the network to interact with each other, and to engage in conversations that will stretch both your thinking as a SVP Partner and as a philanthropist.  Quite a few of SVP Arizona’s Partners have attended a SVPI Conference in the past.  Here is what two of our Audacious Partners had to say about their experiences:


I attended my first SVPI conference shortly after joining as a partner, and it was particularly helpful in getting me “up to speed” in terms of what SVP really did.  The best part about these conferences is the opportunity to engage other partners from around the world and learn about their passions.  And it’s in Austin this year, so you can get a cheap Southwest ticket!  What’s not to love about Austin in October?”  -Debbie Hill

“When I attended my first few SVPI Annual Meetings my eyes were opened beyond my expectations.  I learned that what we were doing in Phoenix was more than a local enterprise–it was a movement.  I also learned that the challenges that we were facing in Phoenix were not at all unique, and there were many others eager to collaborate on ways to meet those challenges and create stronger more sustainable partnerships in all of our cities.  And, I learned that I really liked this collection of individuals–just like I found in Phoenix, but spread out across North America, and now around the globe.  I encourage every SVP Partner to consider attending the Annual Meeting in Austin this October–you will have a great time, learn a great deal, and return energized about our opportunities here at home.” –Dan Rigby


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