Amy Armstrong


Amy is the founder of Next Generation Philanthropists and Support My Club, two Arizona-based nonprofit organizations. In addition to her role as President of both, she serves as the Director and Grant Coordinator for the Kiita Foundation and the Grant Advisor of the Armstrong Family Foundation. Amy has been a Partner of Social Venture Partners Arizona for the past eleven years, and she formerly served as a board member of Feeding Matters, Rancho Feliz Charitable Foundation, and The Salvation Army. Amy has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder and in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Colorado. After spending several years in the design industry in Colorado, she and her family moved back to Arizona in 2008 where she began following in the footsteps of her in-laws, beginning her philanthropic career here in the Valley. Along with her husband Patrick, she is the parent to Emily and Taylor and enjoys being involved in their school and hobbies.