Jenna Biancavilla

Board Member

Jenna Biancavilla is a fearless entrepreneur, financial expert, captivating public speaker, and life-enthusiast whose life mission is to serve others. She is the Founder and CEO of Pearl Capital Management, an independent wealth management firm with a passion for helping people.

A graduate of The University of Arizona with a degree in Economics, Jenna humbly describes herself as a “math nerd by day, philanthropist by night”. “Math nerd” perhaps doesn’t lend justice to the high level of financial acumen she possesses. Upon meeting her, it is undeniable that Jenna is a talented advisor and uniquely creative thinker who puts the best interests of her clients above all else.

Armed with extensive leadership training through Scottsdale Leadership, Jenna is a trailblazer throughout the Phoenix community, devoting her time to an array of diverse community organizations. 


With over a dozen years of experience in the financial services industry, Jenna Biancavilla personifies expertise in comprehensive retirement, real estate, and investment planning. She provides her clients with a winning blueprint for planning and achieving their financial goals. Using an array of sophisticated investment, financial planning, and lending solutions, her clients experience what it means to have a trusted advisor who truly understands the complexities of wealth management.

Working with unique and complex clients

In 2016, Jenna founded Pearl Capital Management, a comprehensive and family-focused wealth management firm. To offer more solutions for her clients, she is also the branch manager of Geneva Financial’s Arcadia Branch, a home loan company with a strong emphasis on a customized human experience and exemplary service.

Offering sophisticated solutions

Jenna and her firms offer a full-service wealth management experience that goes far beyond the typical financial advisor’s single-perspective approach.  By offering a truly comprehensive analysis of her clients’ entire financial portfolio, Jenna’s approach creates all-inclusive solutions that are custom-tailored to each client.


Jenna is not only passionate about solving complex wealth challenges and offering creative strategies for her clients, she also dedicates her time, energy and resources to incredible causes and the local community.  Her ardent support and participation in Social Venture Partners, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, AZ Humane Society, The Financial Planning Association and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society enable these organizations to thrive and help even more people.