Telling your {Nonprofit} Story

May 23, 2017

Something new we offered this year during Fast Pitch was group ticket sales. In addition to purchasing 10 tickets at the early bird rate, groups can receive one-hour training from SVPAZ staff and Partners.

CHLThe Center for Humane Living (CHL) did not pass up on the opportunity to attend Fast Pitch or get training. Terri and I met with them on a recent evening and learned more about their story and shared ideas on how they can build their online network.

CHL has been around for more than 20 years and started in the home of founders Dr. Lisa Dado and her husband Dr. Michael Foley. Since program inception, the CHL has trained and cultured hundreds of kids and adults ranging in age from three to 83. And more often than not, it becomes a family affair. Of the five board members we met with, four shared that they participated in CHL programs with their spouses and children – most for at least five years. Quite a testament to the programs CHL offers.

Here’s what the board took away from our time together:

Social Venture Partners Arizona Staff Terri Wogan Calderón and Meghan Leatherman brought their talents and expertise to members of our local nonprofit, Center for Humane Living (CHL).  After attending the 2017 SVP Fast Pitch event, CHL had the opportunity to participate in a deep dive session with Terri and Meghan to learn the importance and power of storytelling. We learned that powerful stories help us connect with our community. Ladies, you sparked a fire within us!  We are excited to tell our stories to anyone and everyone who will listen!

You listened to our passions, challenged us to vulnerably tell our stories of successes with our product, and inspired us to a “call to action” discovering our audiences to share our great offering. We are grateful for your wisdom and are empowered to secure a Champion and team to hold us accountable to celebrating our growth, giving to the community at large. Your unconditional love for us is appreciated and is in line with our “pay-it-forward” model as we will do for others as you have done for us.

Thank you Terri and Meghan!



We look forward to seeing you online, CHL! The group is launching a Facebook and Instagram page this month. Be sure to follow them!