Top Eight Reasons to be a Fast Pitch Mentor

Aug 18, 2014

8. Expand your network
Meet nonprofit leaders, individuals from Phoenix’s business community and fellow SVP Partners.


7. Learn about the most innovative nonprofits in Phoenix
This is a great opportunity to learn about twenty fantastic organizations, all in one place!


6. Make a difference in the lives of families from around the Valley
Supporting capacity building in nonprofits also strengthens the Arizona families that they benefit.


5. See the impact you make
Many hands-on volunteer opportunities never allow you to fully see the difference you have made. Fast Pitch is different: you help the team from start to finish.


4. Hone your skills
Being a mentor or coach not only helps your nonprofit refine their message, but also keeps you on-your-toes, and strengthens your skill set.


3. Be a role model – Lead by example
Whether it’s your employees, your spouse or your children, show them that getting involved in our community is important…and fun!


2. Let your creative juices flow
Fast Pitch is a volunteer activity that relies on your creativity.  Not only is it more fun that way, but the collaboration can also lead to creative, new ideas for your own organization!


1.  Renew your enthusiasm
Fast Pitch is a great opportunity to be part of a team, meet new people and have fun: it’s sure to renew your enthusiasm and reinvigorate your dedication to our community.


For more information about this opportunity, please email SVP Partners Mike or Kathy Fuetterer at
or  For questions please contact Cindy Vandervort at SVP Arizona, or 602.224.0041.