Welcome New Partners

Jan 20, 2017

welcomeIn our 16 years, Social Venture Partners Arizona has become the exemplar of engaged philanthropy in the Valley and has built a reputation of attracting community leaders who want to “do good, better.”

Our brand, coupled with meaningful and effective philanthropic education, helps us bring new members into our Partnership. With dedicated champions like Julie Johnson, Scott Turner, Carol Clemency, Ed Zito and Jessica Gabry (to name a select few), 2016 saw us onboard a diverse set of very impressive Partners.

Please join us in welcoming:

Chrissie Clemency

Allison Clemency

Michael Zaft

Sandi Perez

Laryn Callaway

Tracy Powers

Lynn Londen

Ashlee Lewis

Lorain Moorhead

Carrick Sears

Shannon Gaines

Laura Franco-French

Neil Giuliano

Matt Clyde

Joel Eberhart

Linda Bair

Glen Bair

Lorraine Bergman

While we are only a month in, 2017 has already been successful with Karie and Tom Stupek along with Kody Damron joining the Partnership.

In 2017, we are committed to providing the Partnership with more opportunities: more opportunities to engage, more opportunities to network, and more opportunities to connect. With new Vice Chairs of Partnership (Jessica Gabry) and Programs (Stephanie La Loggia) – 2017 will be our strongest year for Partners yet. As we look to grow, please let me know of any potential Partners who would benefit from our unique model of engaged philanthropy. Social Venture Partners is honored to have the continued support of our more than 120 Partners.

Sentari Minor is the Director of Partner Engagement and Education at SVPAZ

Here’s to a wonderful 2017!