Why John DeWulf Joined SVP Arizona 15 Years Ago

Apr 14, 2014

“It was about 15 years ago that Jerry Hirsch, a client of mine, invited me to an SVP breakfast meeting where I was introduced to impressive and friendly people who talked about a new form of nonprofit – one that helped make other nonprofits better.  I was hooked.  At that point, I had filled my quota of selling tables to black tie events, finding auction items and debating event themes, invitations and center pieces .  I was working long hours, had four young children and wanted to maximize the impact my charitable time and giving could make.  I wanted to roll up my sleeves and work at the grassroots level.

The time has flown by.  I have served on the Board, various committees, and as the lead partner for one of SVP’s grantees.  I am very proud of all the good things we have done to help so many deserving organizations and people.  And we have done it in a thoughtful and selfless way.  Well done SVP.”